Optikam and Visioffice!

Island Eye Care is one of very few offices in Charleston with digital measuring systems! This device allows for more precise measurements and involves taking measurements with the patients frame.


Using the Optikam system and Visioffice allows you to take in less than 1 minute all the measurements needed for free-form lenses giving HD vision.

From ONE picture, you can obtain the following measurements:

Frame Wrap:  Determines the base curve of a lens so lenses fir properly & provide the best vision! In short, your glasses will arrive sooner!

Vertex Distance: Frame positioning is important. If the frame sits for than 12mm from the eye, the prescription will be altered. Your prescription adjusts precisely to your frame! One size does not fit all!

Posture: Adjusts measurements within lenses such as optical centers and segments heights. Customized to your posture and how you naturally see the world around you!

Pupilary Distance: This measures the middle of the pupil to the bottom of the frame. Pinpointing your optical center allows for the best possible vision, is specific to your frame and will reduce chances of vision disruption or headaches!

Segment Height: This measures the middle of the pupil to the bottom of the frame. Precise measurements creating easy adaptation to the

lenses and the fullest field of vision!

Pantoscopic Tilt: This measures the tilt of the front of the frame. The tilting of the frame allows wider fields of vision!





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