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Contact Lenses

Why Buy at Island Eye Care?

Green Lens Initiative

From 2 years old until Cataract Surgery, our practice works with thousands of contact lens patients every year. Every patient has an opportunity to wear contact lenses. You heard us right, EVERY patient. Whether you have astigmatism, dry eye, or bifocals, we have contact lenses for you. Whether you are 5 years old or 85, we have contact lenses for you. Whether you’ve had RK, PRK, or LASIK in the past, we have contact lenses for you. If you want to wear your lenses for 30 straight days, or wear lenses 1 day per year, we have contact lenses for you.

From Pediatrics to Baby-Boomers, Athletes to Full-time wearers, if you want to wear a contact lens, we want you in our practice.

Because of our strong commitment to our contact lens patients, we have invested considerable resources to assemble SOUTH CAROLINA’S LARGEST CONTACT LENS INVENTORY! We are very proud of that moniker, and we work hard every day to maintain our extensive inventory. We promise to always have the largest and most diverse inventory, which allows our patients to find that perfect contact lens.

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Not sure? Below is more information.

New Wearers Welcome to our Practice! One of the most exciting times in our day is introducing contact lenses to a new patient. Contact lenses allow a ‘glasses free’ time in your day, and give the visual freedom that patients are looking for. We have designed a Stress Free process to contact lens wear. 99% of new wearers will walk out the same day with a great contact lens on their eye. That’s right, the same day! Why wait?

Here’s our 10 step New Contact Lens wearer Process.

  1. A thorough eye exam from our doctors and staff to find the most accurate prescription for your eyes, for ALL the visual tasks you do; work and play.
  2. Our doctors will explain all of your contact lens options in an easy to understand way. We feel this step is very important. We strive to educate our patients in all their lens options.
  3. Taking into account the patients prescription, corneal shape, eye chemistry, and visual needs, our doctors will select the best Day 1 options for the patient. Now, the fun part.
  4. In a few seconds, our doctors will have your new contact lenses on your eyes. Instantly, patients will experience clear vision with no glasses. After assessing that the lens is a proper fit, it’s now your turn!
  5. One of our contact lens technicians will work with you to help guide you through the process of learning to remove and insert the contact lens. We guarantee success! Some patients are quick learners, and some will need some extra time, but you will have as much time as you need to feel comfortable with the lenses prior to leaving the office.
  6. After your new success, our staff will educate you on wearing schedule, features of the lenses you have on, and will give you everything you need for a full week of wear! You will be given any/all lenses, solutions, and cases you may need. No shopping required!
  7. Wear contact lenses for 1 week. We like 1 week, because we will get information on vision, comfort, and convenience in all of your normal activities and settings.
  8. After 1 week, you will return to our office, and tell us how you did. 90% of patients are happy the first week! If this is you, we will help you with your year supply of lenses, and you are off and running with contact lenses. If you need any changes, adjustments, etc to the lens, we will do this now! This visit costs you nothing, it’s just an opportunity to make the lenses perform better.
  9. Your year supply. By law, we are allowed to provide 1 year supply of contact lenses to patients, much like glasses prescriptions are valid for 1 year. At Island Eye Care, we strive to be competitive, and we’ve done a great job. We sell all traditional year supplies $1 less than the leading internet company. That’s right, $1 LESS! And most of the time, those lenses will be in stock as well. No driving across town, no confusing online ordering.
  10. Happiness Guarantee. We guarantee happiness with your lenses. If for ANY reason you are not, at ANY time during the year, please come see us and we will improve it. We exchange any and all lenses for replacements. While this does not occur often, we feel it’s necessary to extend an open invitation to return. Also, we will not charge you at all to change lenses. That is our industry leading Happiness Guarantee!

One of the most common questions we receive from parents is, “Can my child wear contact lenses?” Put simply, ABSOLUTELY! From 2 years old, the human eye is very similar to an adult. Because of this, children can often wear the same lenses as the rest of us.

Dr. Turner has 2 simple rules of thumb with children and contact lenses.

  1. Mom or Dad’s permission is always first.
  2. The child must be motivated.

Motivated children are eager to learn, excited, and will follow our simple rules with contact lenses. They truly soar once given the opportunity. Not all children will tell you their excitement, but as long as they’re not afraid, they always surprise their parents how adaptable they are. Currently, our youngest patient that manages contact lenses on his own is 5! The average age for kids to be interested in contact lenses is 7-12.

Our first time pediatric wearers will follow the same 10 step process as our new adult wearers will. They will not leave the office with contact lenses without first learning to remove and insert the lenses THEMSELVES! We feel this is vital to their learning of the lenses. Certainly Mom or Dad can provide guidance, but we feel it is essential for them to learn the process with their own fingers… clean fingers of course. Most parents are amazed that in a short time, their child can be a responsible contact lens wearer, with little to no help from Mom or Dad. Hey, that’s just 1 less thing parents have to worry about.

The 2 Best Contact Lenses for Kids
While children can adapt to any format, there are 2 specific contact lenses today that are the best of the best for kids.

Single Use
That’s right, contact lenses have advanced! No longer do you HAVE to use solutions and cases, you can completely eliminate cleaning and maintenance. Don’t you wish these were available when you were a kid? Certainly children can adapt to the cleaning/solution process, but why make them do more work than is necessary? Single use contact lenses not only are the simplest, stress free lens we have, they are also the healthiest. A healthy fresh lens every day is the best way to wear contact lenses. By disposing of them every day, parents do not have to worry about how old a contact lens is, are they using solution properly, are they sleeping in their lenses, etc. For our environmentally conscious patients, our office leads the industry here as well. We have a recycling program! By using a single use lens, you will use 3x LESS plastic than with re-usable! Why you ask? Because of the waste during the production of solutions! So not only is it the healthiest way to wear contact lenses, it’s the most environmentally friendly! The only ‘maintenance’ kids will have to do with a single use lens, is throw the lens out, and recycle the blister pack…..that’s it!

Ortho-Keratology, aka, the elimination of ‘Coke Bottles’
One of the most exciting innovations in the eye industry has been the development of Ortho-K lenses. While they’ve been studied now for 15 years, they’ve been catching a lot of attention recently with myopic, or near-sighted patients, specifically kids. Traditionally, near-sightedness starts between 7-12, and will ‘get worse’ or increase every year until your mid-20’s. For all of you near-sighted parents, you have lived this story exactly. Many of our near-sighted parents tell us, “I hope my child doesn’t get my eyes!” Now, finally, we can prevent that. By wearing a specifically designed contact lens, worn at night ONLY, you can hold the corneal shape in place, and prevent children from increasing! That’s right, it’s just like a retainer for teeth. The advantages: 1. No contact lens wear during the day. The child will have 20/20 vision during the day with no lens wear. 2. No near-sighted progression. We can freeze children at their current prescription. While we cannot reverse the process that already begun, we can prevent high near-sightedness as an adult. Don’t you wish you had this chance as a child? Dr. T sure does, he’s a -5.50, which is moderately high near-sightedness. This lens is a true break through in eye care for children, and contact lens innovation.

Near-Sighted and Far-sighted
We have the largest Contact Lens Inventory in the state. This allows ALL near and far-sighted patients to walk out the door the same day with their proper prescription. That’s right, the same day! We stock every possible prescription in this category, AND, in multiple lens types. Typically, most patients that have these prescriptions, will have at least 6 options. Also, if you ever rip/tear/lose a lens, just stop by the office, and we will gladly get you back to your day, free of charge. If you are familiar with prescriptions, here’s our current inventory. If you are not familiar, put simply, we have everything in stock.

One of the most common misconceptions in the contact lens world is, “I can’t wear contacts, I have astigmatism.” This would be true, if it was 1984. EVERY astigmatism patient can wear contact lenses today. Most patients can actually wear multiple types, and have some of the same options that non-astigmatism patients have……we even have 1 Day lenses for some now! 90% of astigmatism wearers will fall into our traditional levels, and we stock ALL of those prescriptions daily. For the 10% that are unique, you will have multiple options as well. Dr. Turner will order or custom design a contact lens for any prescription. Custom design has become much easier with the invention of Topographers. This handy technology will map your cornea, and allow Dr. Turner to create a lens that is a perfect shape for your eye! No longer is astigmatism a reason to not wear contact lenses.

Mature Eyes
Wouldn’t it be great to go out to dinner without glasses? Shopping? Sports? Boating? Fishing? Text message your kids? Go to a special event or wedding? Give a presentation? Read at the beach?

All eyes will go through a maturing process. The most notable one for most, is the reading changes that will happen in our 40’s. While this process can be frustrating, this does not mean you have to stop, or can’t wear contact lenses. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Besides pediatrics, over-45 patients are the fastest growing segment of the contact lens industry. We have 3 types of contact lenses for our maturing patients, all will yield the potential for part-time or full time wear. The most common that you may have heard of is monovision, and bifocal contact lenses. Both types can give great distance and near vision results without glasses. Also, we stock both EVERY DAY! The best way to determine which method might be best for you is to schedule an appointment. You will be able to leave the office that day with your new vision, and go out to dinner that night with no glasses!

Every athlete we work with will tell us that their glasses get in the way. Whether its soccer, tennis, golf, running, cycling, and all others, glasses can impede performance. All athletes of all ages can wear a contact lens. Even if you play tennis 2x/week, we have lenses designed for that.

Extended Wear/Overnight Wear
For our patients that want around the clock vision, we have 8 lenses in office that are safe to be worn overnight. While not all patients eyes will allow for 24 hour lens wear, we have many patients that want a smoother transition in the morning or the middle of the night. We have lenses that can be worn up to 6 nights in a row, and even a lens that can be worn for 30 straight days! The most important part to consider is how your eye will react to overnight wear. Your eye is unique, and will accept or not accept wear individually.

RGPs, Hybrids, Scleral Lenses
For our patients that need a custom lens, the options that you have today are growing as well. Traditional RGP wearers are quite familiar with our smaller 9-10mm lenses that are custom made for their eye. We have 2 newer options as well.

Synergeyes is a company that has created a hybrid contact lens. It has a ‘hard’ center, with a ‘soft skirt.’ The company likes to say, ‘The vision of a hard lens, comfort of a soft.’ These lenses can be for patients with higher astigmatism, as well as unique corneas like post-surgical eyes and keratoconus.

Scleral Lenses
Sclerals are positioned as our problem solver lens. They are typically much larger than most patients have seen. They range from 14 up to 20mm lenses. These lenses are the most customizable contact lens we have today. From high astigmatism, keratoconus, traumatic corneal injuries, post-graft, extreme dry eye, and more, these lenses give hope to patients that don’t have many visual options. We typically will receive many referrals from Corneal Specialists for these lenses, but also invite any unique cornea patients to inquire about their options.

Dry Eye
This category of patients can be simple to extremely complex. Over 75% of patients we work with that will report dry eye, have multiple contact lens options. 25% of those patients will report LESS dry eye with the proper lens wear. How is this possible? The contact lens will simply act as a barrier to the world. So you will be less sensitive to wind, air in the car, allergens, etc. Many dry eye patients need a specific regimen. From the perfect lens, solution, and treatment plan, many dry eye patients have options today to not wear glasses.

I don’t know what type of eyes I have
If you’ve made it this far down the page, you may be saying that exact phrase. That’s ok! That’s our job! Part of the excitement for our office is analyzing and figuring what type of lenses work for each individual patient. You don’t have to know! You just have to come visit us.