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Our Inventory


Being #1 in Contact Lenses in the Low Country for some time now, we have a passion that is unmatched in our area. We have the LARGEST CONTACT LENS INVENTORY in the state, and we are still growing. We have contact lenses for ALL patients, including children, dry eyes, high prescriptions, astigmatism, bifocals, sports, monovision, and much more. We fit Post-surgical and Keratoconic lenses, as well as many other corneal conditions. We have contact lenses for 30 days of continuous wear, as well as lenses that you don’t have to re-use! Did we mention that we have the LARGEST CONTACT LENS INVENTORY in the state? We present all contact lens manufacturers including Acuvue, Ciba Vision, Cooper Vision, Bausch and Lomb, Synergeyes, Boston, Jupiter Scleral, and many more. We are very proud to be able to fit 99% of prescriptions with a contact lens the same day! No more waiting a week for a trial lens. Lose a lens, rip a lens? No problem, we will have your prescription in stock.cleardot

Our Inventory!

Near-sighted in stock from: -0.25 all the way to -12.00!

Far-sighted in stock from: +0.25 all the way to +6.00

Astigmatism: 95% of all astigmatism prescriptions in stock including the new 1 Day disposable lens, 2 week lenses, and Monthly lenses.

Bifocal: 7 different bifocal contact lenses including the new 1 Day disposable bifocal, 2 week lenses, and Monthly lenses

UV Protecting contact lenses available in: 1 Day disposables and 2 week Disposables

Solutions and Cases: All patients at Island Eye Care receive free solution and contact lens cases whenever they need it. We provide travel size solution so you have a bottle that you can carry on a plane and travel easier than with big bottles.

Specialty Contact Lenses

Gas Permeable: Custom made gas permeable or ‘hard contact lenses’ can be made in 1-2 business days.

Scleral Lenses: 3 sizes of Scleral lenses for our Specialty lens patients, starting at 13.5mm going up to 18.2mm

Hybrid Lenses: Synergeyes Hybrid lenses for moderate Astigmatism patients

Our Stock!

Why wait for your year supply, when you can walk out the door with what you need today! We also keep 4 brands in stock in 1 day, 2 week, and monthly disposables.

We currently have in stock everyday the following prescriptions:

-1.00 -4.00 -8.00 +1.00

-1.25 -4.25 -8.50 +1.25

-1.50 -4.50 -9.00 +1.50

-1.75 -4.75 -9.50 +1.75

-2.00 -5.00 -10.00 +2.00

-2.25 -5.25 +2.25

-2.50 -5.50 +2.50

-2.75 -5.75 +2.75

-3.00 -6.00 +3.00

-3.25 -6.50

-3.50 -7.00

-3.75 -7.50


Walk out the door with your year supply, or, we ship your year supply anywhere in the continental US free!