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Why Buy at Island Eye Care?

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL Lenses
  • Frame Change: If for any reason you don’t love your frame, we’d be happy to change it for an industry leading 90 days!
  • 30% off Back-up Glasses and $30 off Sunglasses, when combined with your Year-Supply Contact Lenses!
  • Our Year-Supply of Contact Lenses are competitive with many retail outlets!
  • You can use your HSA account to purchase sunglasses to wear with your Contact Lenses!
  • Visioffice and OptiKam digital measurements, an Island Eye Care exclusive!
  • OptiKam FriendShare; email your friends/family instantly from the office if you need help picking out your new Glasses!
  • All frames have a two year warranty…BEST WARRANTY IN CHARLESTON!
  • No Glare Lenses: Two year unlimited warranty on ALL of our Non-Glare Lenses

Feeling a little Lost? Read on to discover if you fit one of the following scenarios!

  • I am preparing my child for their first exam. We are kid friendly! We strongly recommend seeing kids beginning at 1, 3 and 5! Every child gets a prize after their exam and We Don’t Do Shots!
  • I work at a computer 8 hours a day. We have easy strategies to eliminate eye strain, eye fatigue, frontal headaches above the eyebrows, and ’3-5 o’clock’ fatigue.
  • I think I need my First ‘Bifocal’. We have multiple ways to improve your Distance AND reading vision, whether in glasses or contact lenses.
  • I have 20 pairs of reading glasses, and I hate them all. Whether it’s your first pair of ‘Multi-task’ glasses, or bifocal contact lenses, we can eliminate ALL of those reading glasses.
  • I can’t see at night. This is very common. Glare from car headlights, sunsets, and low-lighting makes anything harder to do. Non-glare lenses and updated prescriptions go a long way to eliminate night time blurred vision.
  • I don’t like my Contact Lenses. We are happy you found us! We have the largest Contact Lens Inventory in South Carolina, which means we can improve your contact lens performance, AND, it’s almost always in stock!
  • I just turned 40, and I don’t like it. While we can’t change your birthday, we CAN get you to see like it’s 1999, with up-to-date technology.
  • I don’t want to wear glasses when: I play sports, I go to the beach, I go to special occasions, I go ‘out’. Part-time wear with contact lenses are one of our fastest growing segments of the contact lens demographic. Weekend wearers, sports, or even a few days a year is easy to do and convenient.
  • I can’t see when I pick out my new glasses. Optikam makes it easy! Instantly see 4 images of different glasses, and even email and facebook your friends for advice!
  • I’m not good at picking out new glasses. Our friendly and fashionable staff love a new look. Also, take advantage of our Optikam for advice from your digital network!
  • I don’t like being dilated. Luckily, we have advanced with the rest of the world, and for most of our routine patients, dilation is not as necessary as it used to be. Our retinal imaging capabilities, will take away drops, long hours of blurred vision, and allow you to see your retina as well as Dr. Turner.
  • I don’t understand my insurance. The insurance world is confusing enough! Our office manager will be glad to walk you through any questions you may have regarding your insurance benefits.
  • I don’t want to wear glasses, but I have a fear of touching my eye. We provide great training for our newbie contact lens wearers, whether you are 5 or 75, you will learn in a patient atmosphere today! Since we have the largest inventory in South Carolina, you will learn and wear a contact lens on the same day of your first appointment with us!